Friday, November 10, 2006

Highlights of THC Membership Meeting November 9th

Welcome to new members Judith Maguire and Richard Vertigan!

Congratulations are in order for Judy Brandow, Jan O'Hare and Rich Vartigan for completing the entire Taconic Crest Trail and earning their patch.

Members and friends of THC wishing to lead an event for the winter schedule should send their information to Phil Fountain or Tony Eldering before November 15th.

The DEC will be constructing and installing trail register boxes and supplying the paper registers. THC will be responsible for periodically collecting the register pages filled in by hikers and forwarding them to DEC. DEC has purchased 26 acres along the ridge of Misery Mountain and there are plans afoot to reroute the TCT over Misery Mountain.

Colin Campbell presented a very special award (a heart patch) to Russ Wilson who completed a significant portion of the End-to End even though he had a heart attack while on the trail.

The 2007 THC Picnic will be held at Peebles Island State Park.

Congratulations to our new club officers:
President - Gayle Fountain
Vice President - Lynn Filarecki
Recording Secretary - Janet Priest Jones
Treasurer - Richard Hughes
Corresponding Secretary - Judy Brandow

There is a proposal to raise our club dues from $5 to $10 for regular membership and from $1 to $2 for junior membership. The $2 one-time fee for the THC patch would be eliminated. This will be up for a vote by the general membership at the picnic in the spring.


At November 11, 2006 at 1:15:00 PM EST, Blogger Rich said...

Thanks, Jan, for the recognition, but could you please change "Vartigan" to "Vertigan"? Glad to be a new member, and looking forward to hiking with the group!


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