Monday, July 14, 2008

Tandem kayaks do have one distinct advantage over single kayaks - read below (click on photos to enlarge)

Here is Bill Valentino instructing THC members on kayak exit and re-entry at Grafton:

Although in kayak humor the tandem bears the blame for many couples divorcing, there is one saving grace:

"A tandem is about the easiest kayak to aright and to effect a self rescue. Since most kayakers nowadays are in singles they may not know this. With two people in the water it is fairly easy to flip an upside down boat right side up without filling the cockpit with water. Then one victim goes to one side, hangs on to the rear cockpit while the other victim enters that cockpit from the other side. No need for paddle floats or any elaborate re-entry procedure. Then the kayaker in the boat braces while the other victim re-enters. Since the bow area is the narrowest part of the kayak it is fairly easy to swing one leg up on to the deck and then crawl into the cockpit." Ralph Diaz from NY Kayaker


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