Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carolyn Hammet is Recovering

Long time member of the Taconic Hiking Club, Carolyn Hammet is recovering at: Carlucci Home
516 Mullock Road
Grenville Port Jervis, New York 12771
We know she would appreciate correspondence or a holiday card.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stabilicers offer protection in icy conditions but they are NOT a replacement for crampons

STABILICERS fasten on with velcro straps.
Here is a website for a picture and description of Stabilicers.
They are available at local stores.

This BLOG and THC have no affiliation with or profit interest in Stabilicers.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jonah Lehrer Sums Up A New Study About Interacting With Nature

Dramatically improving cognitive function while restoring the ability to exercise directed attention and working memory...

Jonah Lehrer sums up a new study:

Thoreau would have liked this study: interacting with nature (at least when compared to a hectic urban landscape) dramatically improves cognitive function. In particular, being in natural settings restores our ability to exercise directed attention and working memory, which are crucial mental talents. The basic idea is that nature, unlike a city, is filled with inherently interesting stimuli (like a sunset, or an unusual bird) that trigger our involuntary attention, but in a modest fashion. Because you can't help but stop and notice the reddish orange twilight sky - paying attention to the sunset doesn't take any extra work or cognitive control - our attentional circuits are able to refresh themselves. A walk in the woods is like a vacation for the prefrontal cortex.

Interesting stimuli trigger our involuntary attention

A walk in the woods is like a vacation for the prefrontal cortex.


Monday, November 10, 2008

ADK Meeting, Tuesday, November 11th

This Tuesday November 11th is the monthly meeting of the Albany Chapter of the ADK. The meeting and accompanying program are held at West Albany Firehouse (Station #1), 113 Sand Creek Road, Albany. Click here <> for a map.

At 6:30 PM, there will be an Education Committee workshop:
Winter Preview - Cold weather is coming fast - bring some ideas and information on your favorite winter outdoor hiking, snowshoeing and skiing locations. We will share these ideas and some tips on enjoying the outdoors in winter.

At 7:30 PM, there will be a brief business meeting, followed by the program:
Winter Mountaineering presented by Carl Klinowski. If you would like to learn new winter hiking and camping skills, or expand your three season enjoyment of the outdoors into the fourth season, then the Club's Winter Mountaineering School may be for you. Carl is a Winter School Instructor, a Winter 46er, and former Albany ADK chapter chair and outing chair. He has a great slide show of winter in the Adirondacks with information about the Winter Mountaineering School. If you love hiking but don't appreciate the bugs, the heat and all the leaves blocking the views, this could open up a whole new experience for you.

Refreshments will be served.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Changes to November's Hiking Schedule

Sunday November 16 Morning Walk In Menands, NY
Meet at 9 A.M. Drive in Cemetery Avenue, across from
are old meeting place (Two Guys parking lot,next to the Menands Diner), to the Albany Rural Cemetery.
CONTACT: Dale Blanchet at 273-4262.
LENGTH: 2 miles, ascent of 200 feet.
Sunday November 23: Hike Skyline Trail,
Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Use description for November 16th, Hike from the Fall Schedule.
CONTACT: Dale Blanchet at 273-4262.
Change the date to November 26th. for the Wednesday hike
to French Mountain.
CONTACT: Phil Fountain 371-8585 of

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Submit Winter THC Hikes by November 15th

This is a reminder to please submit the winter hikes/activities that you would like to lead for the Taconic Hiking Club. Events scheduled for December, January and February should be submitted by November 15th.

Thank you,
Phil Fountain
301-3199 cell

Monday, November 03, 2008

ATV Violations on Taconic Crest Trail: Help document occurrences; ie Berlin Mountain to Green Hollow, Saturday and Sunday afternoons...

The DEC is looking for help in identifying where and when people are illegally operating any type of motorized vehicle on State lands, including ATVs, in particular on the Taconic Crest Trail on the Taconic Ridge State Forest. We want to be able to better predict where violations will occur, so that we can more effectively schedule enforcement patrols in the right places at the right times.
First, some background information:
The definition of ATV under New York State Law includes dirt bikes, three wheelers, and four wheelers. In a nutshell, any member of the general public operating an ATV on any public land in New York State must be on a trail which is officially marked for use as an ATV trail. If you see someone operating an ATV or other motorized vehicle on the Taconic Crest Trail on DEC property, they're in violation of the law. Both Vehicle and Traffic Law and DEC Rules and Regulations prohibit such use of DEC lands.

First and foremost we want to stress that it's the Forest Ranger's job, along with that of Environmental Conservation Police Officers and other sworn law enforcement officers, to confront violators. We don't want members of the public to confront the ATV operators, mostly because we don't want anyone getting hurt. We've heard stories in the not-so-recent past about hikers getting into heated arguments with ATV operators in the field. That sort of incident is neither safe nor productive. I understand the urge to let someone know when they're violating the law, but it isn't worth getting into an ugly or dangerous scene. For what it's worth, virtually every ATV operator already knows it's illegal to ride on DEC lands anyway.

What I would find useful would be for people to report the following information:

1) the time, date and location of the sighting, as precisely as you can describe it;
2) the number and type of ATVs or vehicles, along with any descriptions of machines or operators;
3) direction of travel of the machines when sighted;
4) any other information or ideas you may have which you think would be useful in determining where the ATVs came from or went to;
5) the identity of the operators, if known.
6) your own personal contact information, so that we can re-contact you for clarification if needed;

Please report any sightings of illegal ATV or motor vehicle operation on DEC lands to our toll-free 24-hour DEC Dispatch Center in Ray Brook at

You can also reach me at my office at (518)-686-5317 or by email at <>

I've been asked about whether photos of the ATVs and/or operators would be useful. Obviously photographic evidence can be very useful, however I have concerns. Taking a picture of someone while they're in the commission of an offense might be perceived by the violator as a provocative act . That's the kind of provocation I want to discourage, so I have to suggest that photos are not necessary.

This basic information is what we would find useful to 'pattern' the illegal ATV use on any DEC property, so if you know of any other location where illegal ATV use is occurring, these suggestions could apply there also. I hope this answers your questions, and I thank you for your time and your concern.

"Protecting Lives and Resources"
Joseph C. Hess
NYSDEC Forest Ranger
PO Box 309
Hoosick Falls, NY 12090-0309