Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dyken Pond Presents a Class in Tracking Jan 12th

The Art of Tracking

An introduction to the world of tracking


Dyken Pond Environmental Center

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Take the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how. Add, how many, what direction and male or female. Throw in a bunch more questions for flavor and top it off with a trek through the woods on this mysterious trail. Now you have the ingredients for a day of animal tracking adventure!

Dan Yacobellis is a local wilderness skills practitioner and educator who will be introducing you to the ancient tradition of animal tracking.

In every culture, at some point in time, tracking skills were a necessary tool for survival. Even today there are some cultures around the world that still hold this ancient art in high esteem.

Come learn how to approach the forest and the signs therein with the same awareness it takes for a Kalahari Bushman to avoid becoming leopard prey!

Dan will cover:

-Sensory awareness skills

-Track and trail patterns

-Animal habits and behavior

-the art of questioning

- How tracking fits into modern life

9:00- registration at the Center

9:20- Opening Circle

9:45- Begin our trek

12:00- break for lunch (on trail)

12:45- Resume tracking

3:00- closing circle at the center

Bring warm clothes, Lunch or snacks, water, note pad and pencil.

Number of participants is limited; pre registration required. To pre-register: contact Lisa Hoyt at the Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center at (518) 658-2055 or

Cost- $25.00 Members discount cost- $20.00


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