Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dyken Pond Housing Development Prospect

Please read the following forwarded e-mail and consider supporting us by writing a letter to the Town of Grafton Planning Board and/or attending their next meeting on Monday, April 21. Letters should be mailed by this coming Saturday, April 12th. (sorry for the unavoidable late notice).

For those of you who don’t already know, there is a proposed development going in on the shores of Dyken Pond and directly adjacent to the Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center. One 25 acre portion of particular concern spans from directly adjacent to our canoe launch down the shore to Otter Cove and back to just behind our amphitheater. The attached map shows the area of the proposed development in pink. Note however that a +- 20 acre portion of this around the cove on South Long Pond has already been set aside a open space not to be developed. This leaves 118 acres to be divided into 28 or so building lots. Other colored areas on the map show existing lands of the Dyken Pond Center including privately held lands with easements or future easement areas.

The Friends of Dyken Pond is not officially opposed to this development but would like to assure that a complete Environmental Assessment is completed (SEQR process) before any further subdivision is done. We also feel that it is of utmost importance to completely protect the 25 acre Otter Creek/Cove parcel. To this end we have been negotiating with the developer about purchasing it (the 25 acres) but have not as yet come to terms acceptable to both parties.

We are concerned that there is a chance that the Grafton Town Planning Board will give a ‘Negative Declaration on SEQR’ which means that the project will proceed with no environmental review. We feel that your letters and a strong presence at the meeting will help assure that a Positive Declaration is given.

Thanks for your support of the Friends of the Dyken Pond Center.

Jim Bonesteel

President – The Friends of Dyken Pond

(518) 766-5354


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