Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PFD or Life Jacket?

In the latest American Canoe Association newsletter for instructors: USCG says “Lifejackets”

"It has been clarified by the USCG that the use of the term lifejackets is back and should be used when discussing the essential piece of equipment all paddlers should have and should wear.

The only time the term / acronym PFD is being used is when discussing the types of lifejackets and/or regulation issues.

It will be a challenge for many of us to change the terminology that we use, but to keep with the winds of change we thought you should know that the USCG will be using “lifejackets” for general terms and PFD for regulatory reference."

per NY Kayaker

PS: In the UK they are called BAs (Bouyancy Aids)


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