Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MUST READ for End to End Details for May 2010

Here is some important information for the May 15, 2010, Taconic Hiking Club’s Endurance Challenge – the End to End.

On Friday, May 14th at approximately 7PM there will be a meeting of all the entrants at the Berry Pond Campsites in the Pittsfield State Forest. This orientation will be conducted by Colin Campbell, THC trails chairman, who will go over the maps of the Taconic Crest Trail and will answer questions about the trail itself. No meals will be provided on Friday night.

Due to the early starting time (5:30AM) all are encouraged to camp at Berry Pond where drinking water and a latrine will be available even though the park is not opened to the public. Wake up will take place at 5:00AM and a hot breakfast will be served to all. Juice, tea and coffee will also be provided. The hikers will then be led out of the park by our official bagpipe starter at 5:30AM. Anyone who does not camp at Berry Pond should adhere to these times. Those coming later will be allowed to hike but will not be permitted to start after 6:30AM.

While the THC will strike the tents and load your equipment into your car, we are encouraging you to either car pool or bring a companion to help with this. We are trying to keep the number of THC shuttle drivers to a minimum. Please be sure all your camping equipment is labeled with your name and entrant number. It is also very important that your car keys are also tagged (provided at Berry Pond) with your name, car model, color and license plate number and given to Dick Hughes, who is in charge of the car shuttle. This is important if the club is moving your car to the finish line at RT. 346 near North Petersburgh, NY. We are including a list of the other hikers and their information to encourage the carpooling option.

As hikers progress north from Berry Pond, support sites along the Crest Trail will be at:
#1 Madden Road, Hancock, MA (5.3 miles)
#2 Mattison Hollow (12.8 miles)
#3 Petersburgh Pass (20.9 miles)

At these support sites THC members will have water available for the hikers. Any prepackaged small bags the entrants have prepared for themselves will be at sites #2 and #3. We recommend these contain dry socks, lunch, gorp, a flashlight and a jacket for the last site. These items should be packed in a plastic bag, not paper, and be clearly labeled. There is a maximum of two bags per hiker and please keep them light. Hikers are free to carry whatever they wish on the trail. The club recommends a beverage, whistle, compass or GPS, map handouts from the THC, rain gear if appropriate and comfortable, sturdy hiking boots. Most of the trail is wooded and there will be protection from the sun, but a hat is always useful as well as sunscreen. There is NO rain date for this event. If a hiker fails to show on May 15th the registration fee will NOT be refunded.

All hikers must clear the Petersburgh Pass site by 4:30PM to avoid problems caused by the remaining 8.35 miles of trail and oncoming darkness at approximately 8PM.

Lastly, the THC will schedule two trail work days, usually in the month prior to the End to End. All entrants are encouraged to participate in one or both of these dates to get familiar with the terrain and trail markings. If you are interested in attending please contact Colin Campbell at 518-438-9629 or Holesinhead@aol.com.

A trail map with waypoints that can be programmed to a GPS and a map to Berry Pond will be sent to entrants in April. I hope this information helps you plan a successful End to End hike. Feel free to contact me at pambailey22@yahoo.com or 39 Fane Court, Troy, NY 12182 if you need more information.


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