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Your help will be appreciated and is needed this time more than ever before. Thanks
Phil Seward
Chairman Albany ADK

Action Alert
Anti-wilderness forces are mounting an organized letter-writing campaign to persuade the Adirondack Park Agency and Governor Paterson to reject a plan to add the Lows Lake area to the Five Ponds Wilderness. We need your support to counter this anti-wilderness effort. Unless you write, this wonderful addition to the Five Ponds Wilderness won't happen. Your letter will not only help turn the tide on this issue, it will let state officials know there is a constituency for wilderness protection in New York that is willing to take action. If you care about the Lows Lake canoe/kayak experience, if you believe there is a place for quiet paddling in the Adirondacks, if you believe wild places are worth protecting, this is the time to speak up.

Written comments must be received by APA no later than Friday, Aug. 28. Below is a sample letter you can use. (It is also posted on the ADK Web site.) Please feel free to personalize the letter. For more details, please read our earlier Action Alert or visit APA's Web site at

Remember, every letter counts.

Thank you your support on this vital issue. If you can please send or e-mail Allison Beals a copy of your letter at

Allison Beals
Director of Government Relations & Conservation
Adirondack Mountain Club
301 Hamilton Street
Albany, NY 12210
phone: (518) 449-3870
fax: (518) 449-3875

Sample Letter

Richard Weber
Assistant Director for Planning
Adirondack Park Agency
PO Box 99
Ray Brook , NY 12977

Dear Mr. Weber,

As a member of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) and avid paddler, I am writing to express my support for the classification of the Lows Lake/ Bog River area, along with the surrounding 12,545 acres as wilderness additions to the Five Ponds Wilderness area. Wilderness classification ensures the future protection of Lows Lake, the hub of two multi-day wilderness canoe routes: Bog River to Lows Lake to Little Tupper Lake via Bog Lake, Lake Lila and Rock Lake, and the route from Bog River through Lows Lake to the Oswegatchie River in the heart of the Five Ponds Wilderness. These rare wilderness paddling opportunities prompted the State's initial commitment to acquire these lands and waters.

Despite the extensive water resources in the Adirondack Park, opportunities for quiet canoeing and kayaking, away from the noise and wakes of motorboats, are rare. Of the 34 Adirondack lakes larger than 1,000 acres, only two are free of motors, Lake Lila and Little Tupper Lake. Public use of motorboats is already prohibited on Lows Lake and Bog River Flow by a DEC regulation adopted in 1996. DEC has drafted a proposed regulation that will prohibit all floatplane use of Lows Lake and Bog River Flow after Dec. 31, 2011. Wilderness designation of the waters of Lows Lake and Bog River Flow is consistent with these existing and proposed regulations.

Once again, Mr. Weber, thank you for your time and consideration.



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